Here you can find a gallery with pictures and photographs from the love letter archive.

Love letters in Kurrent and Sütterlin

Love letters from four centuries document not only the variety of different and individual handwritings, but also the history of handwriting. For example, the so-called German cursive script, Kurrent and Sütterlin, was used in Germany until 1941:

Notebooks and diaries full of love letters

A love letter can be written, designed, delivered or sent in many different ways. It is not uncommon for love letters to be written in notebooks and diaries, but also in poetry albums, and are intended only for the writer:

Boxes and suitcases full of love letters

Donations of love letters come to the love letter archive packaged in different ways: whether as a box that was carefully stowed under the bed, as a whole bundle that was kept in the bedside drawer, or even as a suitcase filled with love messages that was left in the attic: