Based in Koblenz and Darmstadt, the Love Letter Archive collects and archives private and authentic love messages from civilians. The collection includes classic love letters, postcards, fax messages, e-mails, but also text messenger conversations, graffiti, and much more. The archive collects single letters or whole correspondences from past times until today. In our archive, the love messages are collected, scanned, cataloged, and archived. In cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt, the love letters are digitized to gradually make them accessible to science and society, and to preserve them permanently.

How do the love letters end up in the archive?

Love letters and correspondences have been donated to our archive for almost three decades. Various appeals on the Internet and reports in the media have prompted donors to permanently donate originals, copies, or transcripts of their personal letters to our archive. If requested, it is also possible for the originals to be returned to their owners after digitization. Of course, we are especially happy whenever originals may remain in our archive. With every donation of letters, a contract regulating the assignment of rights for scientific use is concluded, which also guarantees the protection of personal data of donors.