Our Love Letter Archive is not only dedicated to the permanent archiving of love messages. Scientists conduct interdisciplinary research on the topic of love communication and evaluate archived correspondences. After the love letters have been evaluated and analyzed in terms of content, results are published. We focus on publishing peer reviewed scientific papers. These are collected under the headings Scientific Publications and Academic Papers by Students. On the Exhibitions & Conferences page, contributions to exhibitions and conferences by the Love Letter Archive and the Gruß & Kuss project are listed.

For questions regarding academic papers and the use of love letters, please contact:

Birte C. Gnau-Franké, M.A.
Managing Director of the Love Letter Archive
Interface Coordination

The topic of love letters is also particularly well suited for the transfer of academic knowledge to the public. Thus, beyond the academic sphere, it is possible to inform a broad public about the latest research results through newspaper articles, radio interviews, and TV broadcasts. You can find a collection of our recent media appearances and a list of the latest published articles about our archive and project in our press review.